Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Sunnah of using Sewak

There are several times in which a Muslim may use Sewak at day and
The Prophet – Peace be upon him – said: (Were it not for avoiding
inflicting difficulties on my nation, I would have ordered them
to use Sewak upon the performance of each prayer) Narrated by
Al-Bukhari & Muslim.
The total times of using Sewak by the Muslim at the day and night is
not less than (20) times. The Muslim uses Sewak :
-Upon performing the five prayers, the regular Sunnah prayers, Al-Doha
(Morning) prayer, Al-Wetr Prayer (i.e. ending prayer with odd Raka’a –
prostration – at night).
- Upon entering the house, because the first thing performed by the
Prophet – Peace be upon him – when he enters his house is using the
Sewak, as narrated by Aisha – May Allah be pleased with her – in Sahih
Muslim. So, every time you enter your house use Sewka in order to apply
the Sunnah.
- Upon reading the Holy Quran, for changing the smell of the mouth.
- Upon waking up.
- Upon making ablution (Wudhou’). The Prophet – Peace be upon him
– said: (The Sewak cleans the mouth and causes the pleasure of
Allah the Almighty) Narrated by Ahmad.
The benefit of applying this Sunnah:
a) Gaining the pleasure of Allah the Almighty.
b) Cleaning the mouth.
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