Saturday, December 15, 2012

Daily routines of a Muslim family(source:Islamweb)

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

The daily schedule may differ according to people, time, level, place and other factors.
However, we can mention a proposed schedule to which other programmes could be compared:
·        All the members of the family should wake up to perform Fajr prayer.  The mature males should perform the prayer in the mosque, and it is preferable to take the children along if they are aged 7 and above.
·        To recite the remembrance of the end of the prayer, and the remembrance of mornings.
·        To read the Qur'an until sunrise, then pray 2 Rak’ah of Shuruq (about 15 minutes after sunrise).
·        The woman at home should benefit from her time while doing house duties by listening to the Qur'an, lectures, lessons, Anashid, etc.
·        To have a rest after Zuhr prayer and lunch until Asr.
·        To be keen on teaching the Qur'an to adults and children after Asr.
·        Before sunset, one should recite the remembrance of the evening.
·        After Maghrib, the adults should benefit from the lessons and lectures that are held in the mosques and other places.  The children should revise their lessons (at home).
·        To have dinner after Isha, then organize a general lesson for the family, in etiquettes for instance.
·        To go to sleep early in order to wake up early for Fajr prayer, and if it is possible to pray some night prayers before Fajr.
Remarks (and complementary things):
-         To keep on performing supererogatory prayers especially those of Fajr and Witr.
-         To set a time for visiting kinship and neighbours.
-         To set a time for a rest, recreation, and outings.
-         To set a time for reading Muslim magazines, adults’, children’s or women’s.
This is just a proposed schedule; one can add things to it, take out things from it, or amend it according to the circumstances of a person or a family.
We ask Allah to enable everybody to do what pleases Him.

Allah knows best. 

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