Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Words of Wisdom

When you wake up tomorrow morning:

[Reminder to myself first]

Trust not a single soul. Trust only your Creator.

Love with all the love you have, for the sake of Allaah & hate no one/nothing except for the sake of Allaah.

You stay silent until you think thoroughly about what you want to say. Will it please Allaah or will it please Shaytaan?

Before you respond to a person, give them 3-5 more seconds. Perhaps they have more to say.

Limit your words. Limit your speech. Imagine it being currency and use it only when necessary.

In moments of silence, praise Allaah. In moments of happiness, praise Allaah. In moments of anger, praise Allaah.

If what will exit your mouth is not pleasing Allaah, close it.

Fear not a single person. Fear only Allaah.

What you do, do it with care and attention and love.

Forgive them, for your sanity. Forgive them for the sake of Allaah.

It’s alright to be frustrated, annoyed, & angry. But how you execute these feelings distinguishes you from the idiots of the world.

Be sincere. Seek sincerity. Ask for sincerity. Fear showing off, fear the compliments of others, fear popularity and fame.

Ask Allaah to perfect your character as He has perfected your external.

Stop giving people your hasanat by gossiping and backbiting.

Wear it, do it, say it, be it. If it’s for the sake of Allaah, don’t contemplate otherwise.

Believe that you are a beautiful person and you deserve the good in this dunyah and the akhira.

From Pears of Wisdom

Wishing you a bright day :)

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