Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crippled man crawls daily to the Mosque

SHE SAID: "I would want you to pray all your prayers at the masijd because if we have a son he will look up to you" 

HE RESPONDED: "I don't have a car. Do you know how far the masjid is?" 

SHE REPLIED: "WALK...have you not seen old people walking to the masjid...there's even a crippled guy on youtube that crawls to the masjid for every salah"

...what more can that deprived husband say 


  1. Masha-Allah, see how lucky those Muslim men are who are married to God-fearing religious Muslim wives :)

    I think my husband is Masha-Allah fortunate that Allah gave him a righteous Muslim wife who can teach him about the beautiful and true religion Islam and who will always remain loyal, always lowering her gaze and not gazing at non-Mahram men.

    One of the things that can bring joy to the lives of Muslim men are their righteous Muslim wives who love Allah and always aim to please Allah. May Allah guide my husband to all that pleases Allah and May Allah's curse and punishment be on those 'spies' and unbelievers who prevent my husband from coming home everyday. Ameen. O' Allah please answer our du'as as You (Allah) are the All-Hearing and Most Just who never sleeps. HasbunAllah wa ne'mal wakeel. Ameen.

    Allahumma 'Innaka 'Afuwwun Tuhebbul 'afwa fa'foo 'anna. Ameen.